2020 New Year Revolutions! ✊

So one of my favourite YouTubers CGP Grey just upload this video which pairs perfectly with this thread!


I’m very late to Nepenthe this year, and haven’t had the energy or strength to achieve many of my physical goals. However, I have been writing, a lot. I started writing my first novel, and ya know what? I’ve done a pretty decent job at sticking with it. Starting to knit and crochet again, my next Nepenthe goal is to help those in my city who don’t have a hearth right now stay warm in the last of our chilly months.

I wanted to say how proud I am of all of you. Seeing these, seeing all your goals and determinations, its warmed my heart. I’ve felt your strength, and encouragement of one another, and it rings true to Nepenthe’s original purpose. To call up a community, dance to the common drum. Happy Nepenthe everyone, may the new cycle be kinder and full of magiq!


I think I speak for everyone when I say that 2020 has most certainly NOT been what we all had hoped when we set our Nepenthe intentions earlier this year.

That said, as we finally wind down this neverending year, I wanted to check in and see how everyone’s been faring with their goals! I’ve found that most people I know haven’t exactly met them in the way that they’ve planned, but have been able to find satisfaction and fulfillment in unexpected ways.

For me, for example, those big travel plans definitely didn’t happen, but in being home so much I’ve been able to commit more time than ever to my hobbies, and have even expanded my online social circle by joining a few new interest-specific groups, which probably never would have happened if things had gone as planned.

I talked to my mom recently and she’s said that even though all of my siblings being home is a lot, there’s a part of her that will miss this time in a weird way, because it’s so rare that everyone’s home together and able to hang out and do silly things like puzzles and paint-by-numbers.

It’s been a weird, stressful, frustrating year, but it hasn’t been all terrible. So Mounties, what have your Nepenthe silver linings been?


Well, I used part of lockdown to tackle my room? Still need wall-o-stuff to keep the cat out. :deirdrexd:

  • Aside from a couple vaccines and an urgent care visit, I once again failed spectacularly to use my insurances. To be fair, when I did have time, it was very much not a good time to be heading off to the doctor without an urgent reason.

  • That Hobbit quilt is still staring me down from the bag I move every time I unearth the craft table to work on masks. :sweat_smile:

  • No new group project in Court of Grandmothers this year (though the first one is still knocking around out there, I think), so technically didn’t go overboard on designing it? Will probably have to do things differently next time, since, you know… :gestures at the pandemic:

  • I’ve only had to fib a few times about hitting a mile on my daily activity, though I did start counting incidental activity.

  • I might hit the 1500 mark for this year? At the very least I ought to finish the Amerithon. Destroying the One Ring isn’t looking too promising (especially taking the long way), but I’ll definitely get past the breaking of the Fellowship (if I haven’t already? It’s been a couple weeks since I updated my progress).

Big Things That Happened, Hoped For & Otherwise:

  • Got a second job
  • Got a raise at first job (even with the world crumbling around my industry!)
  • Got a third job (eventually)
  • Quit the third job in self-preservation
  • Went from wanting to move to actually having a time frame for moving (further from work, but better value space/amenity-wise) :spiritseergimme:

I have to say that I did better myself, looking back in it. I have good friends, I’m much better at my job then at the start of this year, so much that I’m getting complements now about it. There is still alot of room to work, but I am getting there!


My plans for the year were to push through my mental health issues and get a job. Instead I was forced to be patient and gentle with myself. I discovered that the root of many of my mental health issues were that I was pushing myself too hard, and I’ve come to accept that I really am disabled by my autism. So I don’t have a job after all, but I’m well on my way to applying for disability benefits, and I know my limits better now.