2020 Leadership Open Call

Hi Mounties!

By now, you may have seen the community leadership roster I posted yesterday. We thought it would be a useful tool for the community to more easily find help and guidance here on the forum.

That’s the full and current roster of leadership and it will continue to change and grow as our community grows.

And… with that being said, we’re planning on increasing the ranks of community leadership in 2020! If you’re interested in a leadership role, have a couple of hours a week to invest in the community, and have an idea where and how you might best be able to support AGP and the Mounties, then shoot @Catherine a private message here on the forum and let us know!

We look forward to reading your submissions, expanding the forum support and leadership, and possibly working with you in the coming year!


I know that admissions are most likely only open to long term members but when will this close and the updated roster be posted?


It won’t close. We want to keep the door open to anyone who thinks they could contribute to and support the community. :cjheart:


Oh wow! Well hopefully in the future I’ll be able to contribute something to this amazing community!